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Checking in (and a question for my UK friends)

or anyone reading this that may know about it!  We went out to the local antique mall again (I am in heaven in that place, I tell you!) and I picked up a fantastic vintage (I think but who cares, it looks vintage and I love it!) hat that was made by BHS Millinery.  Google searching for this millinery has been unsuccessful so far.  Was this hat made for British Home Stores?  Any other information or where I could look would be helpful....  I read a couple blogs written by some ladies that may know so I'm going to be shooting them an email too.

I know I haven't been around.  We just wrapped up our national convention last week so hopefully the dust is beginning to settle at work and at home for now.  And I didn't get sick this time either, hooray! even though it did bite a co-worker almost immediately when we got there.  Kaitlyn has been so active and talking more and more everyday that I find myself not really caring about doing much else other than spending time with her and Greg.  I know that is not a bad thing but I don't want others to think I have forgotten about them either.  ;)  Yesterday we went to church and she was playing with a tiny flashlight she found in my purse and I didn't take it away from her because all I could think was "This little light of mine..."  LOL! 
Let it go

Happy New Year to you too, buddy!

I love starting off the new year (and work week) with a ticket, don't you?

Especially when it's coming from a trooper that apparently didn't wake up on the right side of the bed this morning.

So I get pulled over.  The first thing out of the asshole's mouth is "You passed me.  And you were speeding."  Well, durrrr.  We are on the interstate and you were driving below the speed limit in the fast/passing lane.  Technically, it should have been your ass that got over for me.  I'm sorry, but I'm not the type of woman that sees a State Trooper and thinks I immediately have to bow down and worship you at your feet, let alone think you're some untouchable god of the highway.  Mentally I'm rolling my eyes because I knew as soon as those words came out of his mouth that this piece of fail was going to do everything in his power to make the next twenty minutes of my life a joy to endure.  I'm sure I didn't make his morning much better when I ended up rolling my eyes right in front of him when he told me how fast he thought I was going.  Or maybe it was when I broke out the sarcasm when I threw up my hands and said "I know, I know, your radar speaks the truth."  So of course I'm expecting a ticket for going...what was that again...four measly miles over the speed limit, no doubt clocked at the precise moment I chose to pass his Sunday driver ass.  I didn't even bat an eye when he made sure to slip it in that I didn't have a *legal* front plate.  Also of course I didn't have copies of my insurance which I knew were in the van where I left them, a lot of good they're doing me now.  I had a lot going for me, I know.  

I sat and waited for him to come back with one hell of a fine for me but instead I get let off with a warning for my plate and the speeding.  I'm sure he thought he was being one swell guy for giving me that slack.  It's a four hundred dollar fine if I don't show up in court in a couple of weeks to prove I had insurance at the time I got pulled over so one of my furlough days will be spent doing that. 

Sour grapes?  Maybe.  I should be grateful that all is going to get spent is a day at the courthouse but it chaps my ass and makes me dislike any LEO that much more when our pleasant chat gets wrapped up with him glaring at me and saying that "we wouldn't be sitting here now had I not chose to pass him."  Gee, so when you went on and on about my front plate, which by the way, you didn't even have to walk in front of my vehicle to see meaning that you had me singled out long before you pulled me over...that your black little heart would have ignored that particular thing if I hadn't decided not to be a coward and follow you until you got off the highway?  Way to pick and choose what laws you want to enforce there, Officer.  I hope the next time I'm bleeding in some ditch somewhere and you come across the accident, someone hadn't pissed in your Cheerios by then so that you move a little bit faster to get some medical help.

Christmas presents

Merry Christmas!

I don't expect to be online much in the next couple of days so I know I'll have some catching up to do in the next week!  We are anticipating yet another ice/snow storm here tonight through perhaps Saturday so I know we won't be visiting anyone for the holidays.  We learned our lesson last year somehow avoiding an accident driving on ice covered highways.  On top of that, Greg is actually working tomorrow which in some ways is a bummer since he worked Thanksgiving but it's a State mandate for the school system they have so many bodies on hand for staff.  No one was volunteering so it came down to drawing a names out of a hat and he was one of the lucky ones to be picked.  Oh well.  I've got cookie dough in the fridge, I think it might be a cookie making day with the kiddo and I might just still get up the gumption to surprise Greg with a pumpkin pie for supper when he gets home. 

In the meantime, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas that is full of warm wishes and the comfort of home and family, no matter where you might be!
Willy Wonka

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So we've been doing a Secret Santa exchange at work.  The limit we could spend on a gift has been a dollar with a five dollar gift tomorrow when we reveal who we received to give gifts to.  Well, on my sheet I tried to give a broad list of likes and one of them I put antique jewelery because I know you can just go to any thrift store and be lucky enough to find something old for a dollar or two since the people working there usually don't know any better. 

Whoever has my name gave me today an antique pink orchid brooch with a note that it came from their mother and is from the late 1940s.  I am floored.  Something like this probably would be more than a dollar in any decent antique shop.  Just wowowowow, it's gorgeous and I'll treasure it forever.  Pictures to come...

I should note that I listed things like chocolate and nice smelling hand lotions or candles on my likes so they could have easily gotten those things instead of the pin.
Willy Wonka Hee!


Got this from [info]soldiergrrrl:

Need a little smile? Just call the Nestle Crunch Hot line at 1-800-295-0051. When you are asked if you want to continue in English or Spanish, just wait quietly for about 10 seconds and you will smile. Promise! (if you comment on this after listening, don't give away the surprise) keep going and press 4 listen to the options....then press 7, hilarious.

Personally, I liked option 5 the best.

Sorta reminds me of when Enron went down in flames and you could supposedly call their company headquarters and hear their new menu options. Except the number I was given for that was a spoof I think.
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